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Style and punctuation

Business letters can be written in indented or blocked style. Both are acceptable.
We will consider blocked style and open punctuation as standard in this section. These are the most frequent kinds of letters found nowadays.
BLOCKED style means that each line comes right under the other (vertically aligned).

OPEN punctuation means no commas after each line of the addresses or the salutation or complimentary closes.

Remember you must be consistent in style and punctuation all through the letter


1- sender's address
3-inside or receiver's address
4-attention line
6-body of the letter
7-comlimentary close

There are some other features of a normal business letter that can be frequently found in addition to the ones mentioned above.

1- letterhead (including the name, address and information about the company)

2- references(indicating what correspondence they refer to or to refer to when replying)

3- date

4- receiver's address

5- attention line

6- salutation

7- body of the letter

8- complimentary close

9- signature

10- p.p. (per pro, i.e. when an assistant signs a letter on behalf of his/her boss. It means for and on behalf of)

11- company position

12- enclosures (if there are any enclosures with the letter,like leaflets or any kind of copies, many companies write Enc. and list these documents at the bottom of the letter).


Most letters have four parts:

a salutation
an opening
the message
the close

We will deal with these in our next free lesson: "Structure of a business letter".

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