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Language Lesson 2

Colours, idioms, fun and business

The English Language is maddening inconsistent in pronunciation and spelling, supple in grammar and highly idiomatic.
In this section you can get a free lesson about different ways in which colours refer to fun and business.

Let's go out and paint the town red! means let's go out and celebrate wildly, get drunk and behave noisily in public.
The golden handshake is the one you get when starting a new job. When I was accepted into the company the fat cats gave me a golden handshake.

Red tape: excessive formality and paperwork

A blue chip company. One among the highest class of investments. A well-known company which provides a safe investment.

Black tie: parties and social occasions in which men should wear a tuxedo or very formal clothes. We are going to the Colon Opera House tonight. It is black tie and Peter always complains about that.

Not to be as black as one is painted is to be a better person than one is said to be.

Greenfields are new companies that are formed to undertake new ventures in return for high reward.

Green shoots are the first signs of economical recovery after recession.

In the black means financially profitable

To be in the red means bad in business. It is having a debit balance in a current account in a bank or in a profit and loss account showing a loss. Our account is in the black this quarter. Let's take a holiday and enjoy the profits!


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