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  •     English for Specific Purposes

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Intermediate  - Price: $ 300.- Upper Intermediate - Price: $ 300.-
  1. The World of Business
  2. Employment
  3. Business Travel    
  4. Marketing and Sales
  5. Grammar Lifeboat          
  6. English for secretaries
  7. Business English
  1. Written Communication in Business     
  2. International Trade
  3. Finance and Accounting
  4. Legal English     
  5. Grammar Lifeboat     
  6. Employment
  7. English for secretaries
  8. Business English

NB: Underlined courses with hyperlink are available online in at Effective English e-learning platform. Virtual classes are delivered in the virtual blackboard at any time and by chat at an agreed time. Other courses which are not underlined are available under in-company modality only.

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How does it work?

Focussing on working adults and young adults, provides an independent study program for various levels ranging from beginner to advanced level modules. has developed a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of the teaching of English as a foreign language and the performance of students through the use of a technology that will impact positively their learning.

The independent module study plan allows students to enroll at one or more modules at anytime with provision that they must complete each module within 3 months.

Each independent module has 24 lessons designed to study entirely online and has a virtual classroom for that module exclusively. Inside the virtual classroom, students will complete 15-20 real time assignments with tutor support and 15-20 asynchronous assignments moderated by tutors.

Students work at their own pace and take an examination at the end of each module to demonstrate their knowledge.

In order to get an Effective-English certificate students should complete satisfactorily 75% of the activities assigned by the tutor in the virtual classroom.

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