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Frequently Asked Questions

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1- Why should I study on-line?

Telematics, i.e. the merge of computers and telecommunications, is suitable for those who have to fight time constrains as well as for those who are just too busy to take an ordinary course.

It is also very useful for those who have specific language needs and prefer self-access.

It can also provide with access to education to disabled people or those who live far away from the educational institutions they have chosen.

2- Will books or teachers disappear?

We all know the answer to this question.

Books and teachers are here to stay.

But the internet will grow inevitably. This is the information age and people learn about the world through the world wide web.

3- Do we have to be on-line all the time?

Although content will be delivered on-line most learning will happen off-line, actually.

Virtuality is a matter of speed and delivery of information but people need some time to digest information and build their own knowledge

4- I am not very good at computer skills. Can I study English with you?

Do not underestimate your capacity.

The internet will provide you with a variety of opportunities to learn at your own pace, to stop when you need to think, to repeat when you need reinforcement or to talk to new friends from all over the web.

5- What is a virtual tutor?

It is a teacher that is connected to the internet, the same way that you are, and who is there to answer your questions and help you whenever you need help to continue learning English.

6- I am not good at English. Can I learn with the Internet anyway?

A foreign language should not mean difficult.

We are all born with the same vocal cords and the ability to speak all languages. It's only that we usually don't develop skills for more than one or two.

To learn with the internet, make sure you get the most suitable course for your needs, age and skills.

We can help you.

7- Why is that so many people use the internet to learn?

Information Communication Technologies are powerful tools to facilitate access to language learning and education.

effective-english.com adapts - does not just adopt - these technologies so that people who need English as a second or foreign language can benefit from courseware, tutoring, communication, research, exchanging information and collaborative work.

8- I already have a teacher. Can I improve my English with effective-english.com?

Of course, you can.

effective-english.com is compatible with any traditional learning method and it provides you with all the added values of ICT.

9- Is it fun to study on-line?

You can benefit not only from courseware but from exchanging information with students from other parts of in the world as well.

effective-english.com has discussion groups, chat, pen friend lists, software and virtual classroom.

10- What are the main difficulties of studying on-line?

The main difficulty is that you need drive. It is very easy to drop out at a distance course if you do not have clear objectives or you if you do not organise your work.

You have to be disciplined. It is very important to interact with your tutors and other students during the course.

11- What are the keys to success in virtual learning?

Without face to face contact you must be an active member of the virtual class and community.

The more you participate, the more you learn.

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