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Introduction to letter writing    
LESSON 1 Introduction to letter writing a) Give your personal views on: letter writing
b) Write a letter to a friend telling him about the course you are taking.
LESSON 2 Lay out of formal letters a) Compare letters and e-mails
b) Recall and write: the best letter you have ever received
LESSON 3 Openings and salutations in formal and informal letters a) Share your experience: Remembering names.
b) Write the salutation and closing for different kinds of letters


Information included at the top of a letter a) Compare the different types of companies
b) Design letter headings.
LESSON 5 How to write: the date, the receiver's address and the complimentary close a) Give your personal opinion of the role of secretaries¡
b) Write the heading and ending of a letter and sign on behalf of another person.
LESSON 6 Heading and complimentary close Enclosures - envelopes. a) Give your opinion on Titles
b) Write the address of sb. living in the USA and another for sb. living in the UK
LESSON 7 Letter of enquiry a) Give your views on making enquiries
b) Write a letter to the director of a company whom you would like to contact.
LESSON 8 Reply to an enquiry a) Share your ideas: ways of attracting customers and increasing sales.
b) Reply to an enquiry
LESSON 9 Asking for and giving quotations a) Give your personal views on: Giving quotations
b) Write a letter asking for the quotations of some goods or service.
LESSON 10 Letters of complaint a) Give your opinion: ways of complaining
b) Write a letter of complaint
LESSON 11 Reply to complaint a) Give your opinion: ways of apologizing.
b) Reply to a letter of complaint.
LESSON 12 Miscellaneous letters: invitations, congratulations, sympathy and condolence, etc. a) Share your experience: Spelling and punctuation
b) Add punctuation in a text.
LESSON 13 Formal and informal letters a) Share your experience with others on the writing of informal letters.
b) Write a letter to a friend of yours, and recommend her this course.
LESSON 14 Memos a) Give your personal feelings towards memos
b) Write a memorandum
LESSON 15 Notes and e-mails a) Give your personal experience on writing e-mails
b) Explain what the words at the top of e-mails mean.
LESSON 16 A curriculum vitae a) Information included in a curriculum vitae
b) Write your own curriculum
LESSON 17 Reports a) Give your opinion on reports
b) Report on the influence of Internet
LESSON 18 Grammar structures for the writing of reports a) Give your views on ways of learning English
b) Make sentences using some expressions learnt.
LESSON 19 Description of graphs. a) Share your experience: giving presentations
b) Explain the structure of a presentation.
LESSON 20 Description of graphs a) Share your experience: making graphs.
b) Describe a graph
LESSON 21 Notes on an explanation a) Share your experience: Taking notes
b) Write notes on a given topic
LESSON 22 Articles a) Views on long distance courses
b) Express the advantages and disadvantages of learning a course by Internet.
LESSON 23 Brochures and Promotional letters a) Give your personal views on advertising.
b) Design a brochure to promote the services or products offered by your company
LESSON 24 Revision a) Give your personal evaluation of the course
b) Write an article on "The best way to learn a language"

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