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  Skills Functions Use of English Interaction
Entrance Exam Assessment   Requests & offers Business travel vocabulary Standard expressions  
LESSON 1 First Impressions Listening Comprehension: receiving visitors. Writing: welcoming a visitor. Polite requests Inviting & offering Revision of tenses Vocabulary: at the airport Writing: welcoming a visitor

Virtual classroom: discussing polite replies

LESSON 2 Welcoming a visitor Reading Comprehension: Fisherman's Wharf Requests & Offers Standard expressions for socializing Polite replies  
LESSON 3 Tips for Travelers Reading Comprehension: Save up to $ 20 Making reservations at a hotel , at a car agency at an airline. Vocabulary: at a hotel, at a rental car, at the airport. Writing: e -mail: car rental Virtual classroom: discuss about tipping


How to travel     Vocabulary: tip, journey, travel, etc. Phrasal verbs used with means of transports. Virtual classroom: trip travel or journey?
LESSON 5 Comparing trips Reading Comprehension: Bye bye paper airline tickets. Comparing business trips Comparatives & superlatives Writing: an e-mail comparing places
LESSON 6 Business lunches Listening Comprehension Reserving a table Ordering at restaurants Vocabulary: the menu  
LESSON 7 Making reservations Listening Comprehension: Booking airline tickets. Booking flights Confirming flights Changing flights. Sounds: the alphabet Writing: an e-mail booking a flight
LESSON 8 How much or how many? Reading Comprehension: Will Mergers bring higher fares? Describing rates, fares, prices Countable & Uncountable nouns


LESSON 9 Making Appointments Listening Comprehension: Making arrangements Expressing the time Prepositions of time Timetables, plans and arrangements Writing: an e-mail making an appointment
LESSON 10 Arrivals & Departures Writing: dialogues confirming flights. Checking arrivals and departures Revison on tenses and prepositions  
PROGRESS CHECK Assessment   Requesting & offering inviting making appointments Tenses Prepositions Comparative and superlative  
LESSON 11 Asking politely Reading Comprehension: A survey Asking politely using indirect questions Indirect questions  
LESSON 12 At the airport Reading Comprehension: Traveling Describing situations at airports and on planes Vocabulary: at the airport on planes.  
LESON 13 Food & Drinks Listening Comprehension: Ordering at restaurants Ordering at restaurants Describing food. Vocabulary: review on food, the menu  
LESSON 14 Dealing With Correspondence Writing to confirm reservations Confirming reservations in writing Vocabulary: renting a car Formal vocabulary used in writing Writing: letters to confirm to arrange appointments to accept invitations
LESSON 15 Future plans   Talking about plans and arrangements Vocabulary: British or American ? Tenses: the future  
LESSON 16 Review Listening Comprehension: appointments   Vocabulary: confusing pairs  
LESSON 17 Time off Reading Comprehension: Business and Vacations mixed up Making plans to go out. Tense: the future Writing: a day off Virtual classroom: planning a free day
LESSON 18 Review Reading Comprehension: Tipping   Vocabulary: review on food virtual classroom : to discuss on tipping Receiving visitors from abroad
LESSON 19 Review Reading Comprehension: Reservations on line Listening Comprehension: Cultural differences      
LESSON 20 Review     Vocabulary: useful words and expressions  
LESSON 21 Review Listening Comprehension describing tasks   Vocabulary: at restaurants food Prepositions  
FINAL EXAM Assessment     Prepositions Tenses: the future Present continuous confusing pairs/ Vocabulary  

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