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 About us:  Company history

The developer of effective-english.com began offering  courses  of English as a foreign language -EFL- to schools and particulars in the real world in 1983.

Effective English Advisers, the language institute for in-company training services,  was launched in 1998.

Online learning was conceptualized through www.effective-english.com in 1999.

 Meet our chief executive, staff and clients

The plan included moving courses to the internet, and providing student services, academic advising, and technical support.

In October 1999, effective-english.com was launched with discussion groups, e-mail lessons and free mini-lessons with sponsors.

Over the following year, the institution designed and tested all of its own courses and tools, including online closed e-moderated chats, e-moderated discussion groups, virtual classrooms and online calendar of events.

It now enrolls students from Buenos Aires area and other provinces of Argentina and receives over 2.500 visits a day from different countries, specially Mexico, New Zealand and USA.

Currently, it offers online courses of English for Specific Purposes. These include independent study modules with e-tutors, highly customized for the different language needs of the different industries.



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